Property Developers – Stouffville

"We were getting nasty letters from the tax people. Ian took our incomplete records and recreated an accurate set of books and filed 3 years of T2 returns. He did all this in no more than 3 days - all at an unbeatable price. We were amazed." H.A.

Service Station – East Gwillimbury

"Our CA told us to fire the existing bookkeeper as there were too many year-end adjustments. We asked Ian to replace him. He sorted out the mess in no time and now has our books current and clean. He is a lot quicker than the previous guy too." B.S.

Yoga Studio – Richmond Hill

"Our books were a mess. What had been posted was wrong. We had 2 corporations and 4 T2 returns overdue. There were missing files, missing payroll records and missing invoices. Previous advisors had given us really bad advice. Ian sorted us out and now has our business on the straight and narrow." T.C.

Topsoil supplier – Browns Corners

"I was 3 years in arrears with my bookkeeping and tax returns. Ian took my records, cleaned them up and filed 3 T2s very quickly. He has also helped change the company name and takes care of all our corporate filings. He also costs us far less than our previous accountant." J.D.

Contractor – Mount Albert

"I had not filed for 2 years and Ian took our handwritten records and brought my T2s up to date really fast and at far less than the previous accountants." R.N.

Crafts – Mount Albert

"I had 2 companies and both were overdue 4 years in tax returns. I got threatening letters from Ontario and CRA. My records were a mess because I hate paperwork. Ian took my mess, constantly reassured me and has brought all my T2s up to date and at a really low price.

Printing industry supplier – Sharon

"Ian is so kind and patient. He has been very helpful to us and he charges far less than our previous man. Our records are not the best but he is patient and reassuring. He takes the time to explain things clearly and always returns our calls." F.W.

Paint Store – Concord

"Ian has written and re-written our business plan. He creates detailed financial forecasts and knows what to do when building a strategic plan geared to raising money. He has such a load of experience and business knowledge he has been a great help to us." F.V.

Landscaper – Markham

"We had corporate work to be done – dealing with raising money and handling lawyers, accountants and patent lawyers. Ian took on the load and dealt with all the issues very quickly." R.W.

Spa - Nobleton

"My partner and I had a falling out. Ian helped mediate a settlement between us and documented my purchase of her shares. His fees were a fraction of what I would have paid a lawyer. He has set up and maintains my books and has filed my first T2 return. He constantly provides advice and guidance. I thank JC for her referral." J.M.

Self-employed/Business for Self

Heating and AC – East Gwillimbury

"Ian completed our returns fast and at an incredibly low fee. He has been so helpful and responsive – I feel I can call him at any time for help. He has since incorporated our business for us. He takes care of all the paperwork and his fees are very low. When you talk to Ian you get more than an accountant you get all his years of business experience as well.

Spa – Markham

"I have referred 3 people who are now clients of Broadstone. Ian always answers my calls. He set me up in QuickBooks and has coached me to the point where I can now balance and file my own returns. He is amazing!" J.C.

Spa – Sutton

"My mother was in long term care and although I had Power of Attorney, I got behind in filing her taxes. Ian sorted this out for us at a very reasonable fee and gave me lots of useful advice." L.R.

Graphic Designer/Printer – Toronto

"Ian has been guiding and helping me from the beginning. I rely on him for business and financial advice. My records are not the best but he makes my tax returns pain free." D.S.

Long distance Trucker – Holt

"I had overdue returns to file and my records were not the best. Ian took my log books and boxes of paper and brought my tax filings up to date in no time." A.R.

Long distance Trucker – Holland Landing

"Tax returns were not a priority and I had not done one for four years. Ian sorted out my records so quickly that I was able to bring all my tax filings up to date which will mean the release of a large amount of GST refund due to me." J.F.

Long distance Trucker – Mount Albert

"The paperwork for a trucker's tax return is huge. Ian took my log books and got me a great refund out of the meal allowance and other deductions I did not know I could claim." C.L.

Rental Properties – Stouffville

"I have not kept my tax filings current but Ian was very kind and gave me a very good price to do my returns." H.A.

Hair salon – East Gwillimbury

"Ian reduced my tax bill and his fee was lower too. Score!"

Electrical contractor – Mount Albert

"Ian is fast and accurate. We had problems with t he returns at our previous tax adviser and they charged more than Ian as well." E.F.

Contractor – Caledon

"Broadstone got us out of a nasty situation with a former partner. It looked like we would not have the records or information to file properly and we were facing a large tax bill. Got a refund instead." M.H.

Fast Food – Mount Albert

"Ian has helped set me up in QuickBooks and has provided lots of free advice and help. He has gone from doing my payroll for me to showing me how to do it myself." T.G.

Promotions – Keswick

"Ian built our forecasts for our business plan in no time flat. He was also very accessible and listened patiently, providing lots of extra free guidance and advice." R.B.


Construction supervisor – Beaverton

"My wife and I had not filed for 7 years. Ian quickly brought us up to date and got us a large 4-figure refund and credits that we did not realize we were entitled to. I have sent friends to Ian and recommend his services. His fees were really low too." S.A.

Mount Albert

"We moved to Ontario and Ian got us a very large refund. I even provided incorrect information to Ian. When I found the correct expenses Ian immediately filed an adjustment for us at no extra cost and got us more money back from the government. He charged us half what H&R Block quoted. We have since referred our friends to him and he paid us for the referral!" V & R.L.

Commissioned Sales – Toronto

"I was referred to Ian by my spa. I was delighted with the refund I got but was amazed when I got even more. Ian had reviewed my file and did an adjustment for me. I feel I can call him at any time for tax advice." S.P.

Retired – Mount Albert

"I was referred to Ian by my financial planner. My husband recently passed and I had some decisions to make on capital gains tax. I had read his articles in the Bulletin. He was very kind and patient and explained all my options to me. His fees are very reasonable too since I have a complicated return with investment income." J.S.